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Pool Fencing

We specialize in pool enclosures   there are many reasons why a fence is necessary  to have when you install a pool #1 is safety. safety for children and pets,  and to protect your pool from animals and other unwanted objects that could damage your pool. We carry many different styles and brands of aluminum and vinyl fence that meet the criteria and pass boca code a must in pool fencing     fence is the perfect choice to surround your swimming pool. Its construction eliminates rust while it's durable FencCoat finish withstands the moisture and chemicals found in a pool enviroment. Most building codes require swimming pools to have self closing and self latching gates around them. These safety features are standard on all Jerith walk gates. In addition, our pickets have less than 4" between them, so children cannot squeeze through.

Our Ovation Fence was specifically designed to meet a Swimming Pool Enclosure Code developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This fence has nearly four feet of space between its two horizontal rails. This virtually eliminates the possibility of a small child climbing over the fence. Also, a child-resistant magnetic gate latch is standard on all Ovation gates. This magnetic latch keeps the release mechanism out of a child's reach and has a built-in keylock for added security. It is also available as an option for all other Jerith gate styles.

We also offer fencing for pool enclosures in vinyl and wood. Contact us for more information regarding the Pool Code in your township.