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About Us

Welcome to DP Fence. We pride ourselves on over 30 years of quality fence service. Our fully insured company specializes in residential fences, such as estate and pool enclosures. We are also willing to work with landscape artists and designers to better realize your dreams for your property. We extend a 3 year installation warranty to all of our customers at no additional cost. In addition, all of our fence work has a manufacturers lifetime warranty and we offer maintenance contracts.

We only install quality fencing for our customers. Jerith has been in the aluminum fencing business for 40 years and is one of the biggest names in the aluminum field. Keystone Vinyl supplies all of our Vinyl/PVC fencing, and have a flexibility to their styling that appeals to everyone. Our own custom wood fencing is handmade to be durable and stylish, ready to fit in any situation. We also do custom designs with all our fences for those "hard to please the eye" landscapes.

Question: Why Purchase a Fence?

Answer: A fence can increase the value of your property.

It's a known fact; an attractive fence adds value to your property. It can be the finishing touch that makes your property more desirable not only by yourself, but also to a prospective buyer and to the entire neighborhood. Even if you have just purchased your home and have no desire to sell in the near future, you could still invest in a fence so if the day does arrive to put your home on the market your fence will bring an appeal and a finished look to your property that unfenced properties do not have. 

Answer: A fence is more than a structure.

A fence is a personal thing, an extension of your personality. Carefully chosen, it will enhance the appearance of your property and accent the way you feel about your home. Whatever type of home you live in, there's bound to be a fence style that will compliment it and give you great pleasure for years to come. It's amazing what a difference the right fence can make. You can see for yourself, as you drive around look at different fences and decide what you do and do not like and we will find a design that is perfect for you!

Answer: A fence is practical.

In addition to its decorative qualities, a fence has some very practical purposes. Depending on the style of fence you choose, it can afford you privacy, make a safe haven in which children can play and keep your pets in and other people's pets out. But most of all, it clearly defines the boundaries of your property.